IT Heroes Episode 4

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IT Heroes Saga


IT Heroes is the story of how consumerization can solve problems of everyday users, thus improving their productivity and the competitiveness of their department. Season 1 is located in IHC Inc, a US manufacturer of handling equipment, and the action takes place across the world: in the US, France, China, Spain, and Australia.


Release Date: May 1st 2015 Duration : 4mn45

Mark, the CIO of IHC, a strong believer in consumerization, created the 'Business Force' concept, a new way to deliver a world class service to end users. Jennifer leaves the New York headquarters to fly to Paris. She is anxious as she has to negotiate a big contract and it is her first time in France. She will face to some problems, how will she be able to manage them without speaking French ?

E02 : Bad day in New-York

Release Date: May 21 2015 Duration : 4mn24

Jennifer returns from Paris, where she successfully negotiated new contracts and facilitated her business using the BusinessForce App. But now that she’s back in New York, the heat is on! Her office climate control is broken and the temparture’s rising fast, and her assistant has just handed in her resignation! Can Jennifer take the heat?

E03 : Anna’s Adventures

Release Date : July 15th 2015 Duration : 4mn27

EasyVista It Heroes S01/E03 US (#itheroessaga)

Jennifer had to deal with several issues during her recent trip to Paris a breakdown of air conditioning and the resignation of her secretary. She recruited Anna, her new assistant who starts today but Jennifer is just leaving for an urgent appointment and she only has a few minutes to welcome Anna. Can Jennifer deal with the complete onboarding process so quickly?

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For a successful digital transformation of your company, IT managers must realize that the consumerization of information technology is irreversible. Today users expect the same ergonomic and user-friendly tools in their professional life as they use in their private life



Episode 1 - One day trip to Paris

  • Jennifer (Product Manager at IHC)
  • Business Force Application
  • Employee Relationship Management


Episode 2 - Bad day in New-York

  • Jack (Technician at ACNY)
  • ACNY Application
  • Supplier Relationship Management